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Application Procedure

The application deadline for the EITM 2018 summer institute is May 1, 2018. Applications that arrive after the deadline will not be considered. Tuition depends on the chosen package. The fee ranges between 4+1(£900 = 1000 Euro) for 14 days and 1 module (£250 = 300 Euros). To apply, please use the online application form of the Essex Summer School available here

The online application for the EITM is on the same form as Essex's other Summer Schools. If you plan on attending EITM for the entire time, please choose OM from the drop down. However, if you wish to attend only a few of the courses, please pick them according to this :

  • 0A: Refresher Course in Mathematics and R (James Lo ): 23 - 24 June
  • 0B: Statistical Foundations of EITM (James Lo): 25 - 27 June
  • 0C: Theoretical Foundations of EITM (Thomas Bräuninger): 28 – 30 June
  • 0D: Automatic Text Analysis and Machine Learning (Nicole Baerg): 2 – 4 July
  • 0E: Social Media Reseach (Pablo Barberá): 5 – 7 July

Note that travel costs are not covered in the tutition fee. Such arrangements are to be made individually.

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance regarding travel, accommodation, and/or the application.