We welcome all applications by graduate students and junior faculty interested in formal theory and empirical analysis. Applications which fulfil the requirements will be considered first.The program is primarily directed towards political scientists but we very much welcome applications from other fields of social sciences. Prior training in both game theory and statistics is necessary to follow the courses. Ideally, applicants should have completed courses in these areas before participation. In addition, applicants should be willing to do prepare quite extensive readings before coming to Torino. Knowledge in R is also required and applicants are expected to have obtained basic knowledge before the beginning of the courses.

Graduate students who would benefit most from the program would have some training in both formal methodology and quantitative analysis, with advanced training in at least one of those, would have passed all exams, and would be well along in the dissertation project but able still to incorporate improvements enabled by the program. Likewise, applications from junior faculty looking to improve the dissertation for publication in a direction that incorporates EITM advances would be welcome. These describe the ideal applicants; interested students or junior faculty should not refrain from applying due to some perceived shortfall on any of these dimensions.

The Summer Institute on the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) is designed for both graduate students and junior faculty. Participants are selected through a competitive selection process. As a formal requirement, applicants must hold at least a Master degree. For further information about the application procedure and the tuition, please follow the links or have a look at the menu on the left. Information on the possibility of tuition sponsorship can be found here.