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What the Participants say

"In my point of view it's an important step that European Political Science offers their students EITM classes. A more collaborative Political Science in what concerns USA and Europe, different methodological outlooks, diverse educational bachgrounds (contrasting national approaches) and distinct perspectives, is an enriching mode to attain better, well trained and, more open professionals of our scientific area. In short, the EITM was and certainly will continue to be a significant way of knowledge transmission that, firstly, useful for us - PhD students - and, consequently, will be highly valuable to Science's future itself."

Patrícia Calca, ICS-Lisbon University

"EITM in Europe was a great experience. The program was superbly well-run and fun, and the fellow students were surprisingly fun, warm, and social. We shared many conversations on our research and our lives as grad students.

I found the instruction to be up to the highest standards of quant classes in the United States. The stress was on intermediate to advanced topics of practical use, and there was a laudable effort to teach how to actually apply the statistical concepts to real research. I doubt anyone can leave EITM at Europe without a firmer grasp of advanced quant techniques."

Michael K. Miller, Princeton University

"The EITM in Mannheim is currently perhaps the best summer school on quantitative methods for political scientists in Europe, and I am very happy to have had the chance to participate in this interesting event last summer.

Although the course structure was extremely demanding - approximately six hours of lectures a day and problem sets to solve over lunch and in the evening - there was still enough time for "socializing". Whether in the mornings over a splendid breakfast at our hotel, during lunchtime in the cafeteria while calculating derivatives, or in the evenings spending time together running some R-code (or visiting some pubs) - we just had a lot of fun!

In Mannheim, I was able to learn cutting-edge methodological techniques from renowned instructors. Moreover, I did not only get to know some of the most famous political science professors in the US and Europe, but - even more importantly - I met many nice and interesting people with whom I hope to maintain lifelong friendships. Therefore, I can only advise anyone willing to cope with mathematically advanced topics in statistics and game theory to apply for this extraordinary summer school! I sincerely hope there will be funding that allows establishing a tradition of EITM summer programmes in Europe in order to give other young European scholars, who would probably not be able to afford a trip to the US, a chance to have the same beneficial experience I enjoyed."

Monika Mühlböck, Universität Wien

"The two weeks at EITM Europe were really great. First of all, the summer school was brilliantly organized. Thanks a lot again to all the people involved. The classes were stimulating and I came in touch with many new ideas. Of course, future participants should not expect to learn everything about the respective subjects in two weeks - rather, I think, the summer school is a great way of getting in touch with (possibly) new things, understand the basics and learn where to study further.  I also really liked getting to know many people who share similar research interests."

Thomas Däubler, Trinity College Dublin