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Adacemic Program of the next EITM Europe summer institute

The EITM Europe 2020 is postponed to 2021 and will probably take place from June 21 to July 2, 2021 at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin. In addition to the workshops on statistical and game-theoretical foundations in the first week of the EITM,  this year's focus in the empirical applications is on text as data in the second week. As every year, we are very happy to have internationally renowned experts teaching the classes.

Below you find a preliminary schedule which is still subject to changes.

21 June 2021 -
23 June 2021
Monday -
Theoretical Foundations of EITM
Thomas Bräuninger (University of Mannheim)
23 June 2021 -
25 June 2021
Wednesday - 
Statistical Foundations of EITM
James Lo (University of Southern California)
26 June 2021 -
27 June 2021
Saturday-SundayWeekend Off
28 June 2021 -
30 June 2021
Monday - 
Quantitative Text Analysis Using R
Ken Benoit (LSE)
30 June 2021 - 
2 July 2021
Wednesday -
Linking Theory with Text as Data
Nicole Baerg (University of Essex)