Universität Mannheim / Sowi / Eitm / english / EITM Europe 2019 / Survey Experiments: Design, Analysis and Applications

Survey Experiments: Design, Analysis and Applications

Richard Traunmüller (University of Mannheim, Goethe University Frankfurt)

July 3 - July 5

Survey experiments are an increasingly popular tool in the social sciences. The attractiveness of this hybrid methodology stems from the fact that it combines the internal validity of experimental research with the external validity of survey sampling. After a brief review of the key concepts and benefits of these two foundations, the course, Survey Experiments: Design, Analysis and Applications,  will discuss both the design and the analysis of modern survey experiments. In particular, we will take an in-depth look into the design and analysis of factorial surveys/conjoint experiments for complex judgments Some time will also be spent on discussing the pros and cons of online surveys and crowd- sourced experiments.

Richard Traunmüller is a Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Mannheim and currently on leave from Goethe University Frankfurt, where he is an Assistant Professor of Empirical Democracy Research. Previously, he held positions as Visiting Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences in Mannheim and as Research Fellow in the Department of Government at the University of Essex.  His research focuses on
democratic challenges that arise from deep-seated societal change.

The syllabus for this course can be accessed here.