Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models Europe Summer Institute "New Developments in Designs and Methods in Survey Research" June 22 - July 05 2019

Although survey research is a traditional standard field in the social sciences, conventional (survey) research experiences criticism from at least two sides: first, given resource constrains, the design often relies on rules of thumb, simple power calculators, or principles from the methodological literature that typically address one component of a design while assuming optimal conditions for others. Second, the methods used can hardly provide causal insights into political behavior and attitudes. In response, scholars are increasingly using and developing new tools, such as MIDA (model-inquiry-data strategy-answer strategy) that asks researchers to specify information about their background model (M), their inquiry (I), their data strategy (D), and their answer strategy (A). Furthermore, they employ survey experiments as an increasingly popular tool in the social sciences, which combine the internal validity of experimental research with the external validity of survey sampling.

The EITM Europe 2019 summer institute on New Developments in Survey Research provides an introduction to basic concepts as well as the most recent developments in research design diagnosis and survey research with a particular focus on causal inference and the design, analysis, and application of survey experiments.  The courses will be taught by leading scholars in four modules (plus a refresher course) from June 22 until July 5 at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino, Italy. EITM Europe 2019 is directed by Thomas König (University of Mannheim) in collaboration with Fabio Franchino (University of Milan). 

The first module on statistics from June 24 until June 26 (and the math refresher from June 22 until June 23) will be taught by James Lo (University of Southern California), the theoretical module from June 26 until June 28 by Thomas Bräuninger (University of Mannheim), the module on research design (MIDA) from July 1 until July 3 by Graeme Blair (UCLA), and the module on on experimental surveys from July 3 until July 5 by Richard Traunmüller (University of Mannheim, Goethe University Frankfurt). For more details, see our program.

The tuition for the whole summer institute from June 22 until July 5 is 1000 €.  If participants want to join only a shorter period, the tuition is 300 € per module.

To apply for the EITM Europe summer school, please use the online application form of the Essex Summer School which can be found on the following website. The deadline for applications is May 1.

Supported by the CARIPLO Foundation, NASP (Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies) invites applications to the Young Investigator Scholarships Program for EITM Europe 2019. The scholarship covers accommodation costs and participation fees to support the participation of young researchers working in non-Italian research institutions. More information can be found here and on NASP's website.

The EITM Europe 2019 summer institute is supported by the University of Mannheim, the University of Milan, the Essex Summer School, the Collegio Carlo Alberto, the foundation Compagnia di San Paolo, the Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies (NASP), and the ECPR Standing Group on Analytical Politics and Public Choice.